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PBR Education

Behaviour Management

Everyone agrees that school success for students at any level involves being able to:

  • Socialise well with the class group.
  • Complete and perform the work provided in a timely fashion and correctly.
  • Stay organized and on track with what is coming in assignments.
  • Follow the school and classroom rules.
  • Have a positive attitude.

At PBR Coaching we believe that these elements are closely linked to the quality of the systems that are in place within schools and the manner in which these systems are communicated and administered. We work with schools to develop bespoke strategies to improve behaviours, raise students aspirations and self-esteem and provide teachers to deliver high quality lessons in a safe and mutually respectful environment.

Our advisers in behaviour have many years of experience in a range of circumstances, ensuring that the guidance and advice that you will receive has the maximum impact on student behaviours. We deliver programmes of training that support newly qualified teachers and staff that need additional support that focus on strategies that improve classroom expectations and improve teacher/student relationships.

We also acknowledge that Behaviour 4 Learning is closely linked with teaching and learning and will support staff in increasing their teaching skills so that students are more focussed and engaged in the content of lessons and make greater progress as a result. Please see the teaching and learning section of the website for further details of our teaching and learning support packages.

Get in touch on 01207 570 770 / 07588 050 809 or contact us to find out how you can perform to a higher level with PBR Education.

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