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PBR Education

Data and Target Setting

The tracking of individual progress and how to intervene where required is vital to the success of students.

Many schools are still struggling with the life without levels world that schools now face and are not sure where to get the support they need to establish new strategies for monitoring and tracking their children. Closely linked to teaching and learning, the way a school sets targets and tracks progress are fundamental to a child’s engagement and achievement.

Among the key findings of the OFSTED report into its ‘Assessing pupils’ progress’ initiative were the following:

  • The introduction of the 'Assessing pupils' progress' initiative had helped to strengthen assessment practice in all of the schools visited. However, impact was greatest when it formed part of a strongly led, clear, whole-school vision of teaching, learning and assessment that promoted high expectations and developed consistency. Where this was the case, the initiative was an important factor in pupils' rising achievement, particularly in English and mathematics.
  • Common benefits of the initiative seen were improvements in teachers’ subject knowledge, in their understanding of progression in learning and in the accuracy of their assessment of pupils’ attainment and progress. The extent of the improvement in assessing pupils’ attainment and progress was, however, linked to the quality of other aspects of teaching, particularly in skills such as identifying and explaining objectives, questioning pupils and giving them precise feedback; the application of these skills varied in quality.
  • Through the use of 'Assessing pupils’ progress' assessment criteria, schools were able to construct a detailed picture of the strengths and weaknesses in pupils’ learning. Where this information was used well, lessons were better matched to pupils’ needs, they participated fully and resources were targeted carefully to tackle gaps in pupils’ learning. Teachers, especially in the primary schools visited, also used the information to refine how pupils were grouped to maximise their learning.

We specialise in data systems that track student progress within SIMS, allowing you more time to focus on how to help the children where they are found to be falling behind. Not only does highly effective tracking help you to identify underperformance and intervene more effectively, it also supports your performance management systems, reporting to governors, OFSTED readiness, rewards systems and parental engagement.

Our trained staff will come into your school and work with you to create the systems that you want and need to communicate more effectively with all stakeholders. This bespoke service puts you in control of what you need, when you need it.

Get in touch on 01207 570 770 / 07588 050 809 or contact us to find out how you can perform to a higher level with PBR Education.

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