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PBR Education

Marking and Exam QA

How accurate is the marking in your school? How confident are you in the data that you collect from your departments?

We provide a moderation service for each subject that allows you to be confident in the data your heads of department give you, enabling you to make appropriate decisions to intervene quickly and accurately at the point of most need.

We moderate mock exams, termly exams and coursework marking, providing advice and guidance in the form of a written report with each set of moderation. From one subject to a whole school review, our highly experienced team can provide clear guidance on where your teams can make changes to improve outcomes for you students.

Contact us for further information on how you can feel more confident in the data upon which you have to make decisions.

Get in touch on 01207 570 770 / 07588 050 809 or contact us to find out how you can perform to a higher level with PBR Education.

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