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PBR Education

Training and development

We understand that the most valuable resource that any school has is the dedicated team of staff that work directly with children.

The Sutton Trust research states that:

The difference between a very effective teacher2 and a poorly performing teacher3 is large. For example during one year with a very effective maths teacher, pupils gain 40% more in their learning than they would with a poorly performing maths teacher.

Sutton Trust, " Improving the impact of teachers on pupil achievement in the UK – interim findings", September 2011

We understand how difficult the recruitment process is and work closely with recruitment companies to find the highest quality candidates. We then support schools through the recruitment process to enable them to appoint the very best staff available at all levels, providing after-recruitment support and development coaching and mentoring to ensure that each member of staff “hits the ground running” and makes the most impact, quickly.

Where performance falls, PBR Education provides support for both the member of staff and the school to ensure that where improvement is possible then this happens quickly, avoiding a dragged out process that impacts on student progress. Our coaches are trained to deliver teaching focussed support that enables staff and academies to communicate the issues and address the challenges immediately.

The effects of high-quality teaching are especially significant for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds: over a school year, these pupils gain 1.5 years’ worth of learning with very effective teachers, compared with 0.5 years with poorly performing teachers. In other words, for poor pupils the difference between a good teacher and a bad teacher is a whole year’s learning.

Sutton Trust, "Improving the impact of teachers on pupil achievement in the UK – interim finding", September 2011

We support through training governor bodies in their role of holding schools to account for the progress and achievement of their students. PBR Education provides OFSTED preparation training for governing bodies and school teams.

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